General Info Edit

a mysterious immortal boy with zero ultraprojectic powers. His statue on Acaplana shows that he appeared young, no more than 12 years old, yet his left eye was scarred, swollen and bruised, left unable to open ever again.

Physical Apperance Edit

He has big, greenish brown eyes. His hair ends at his shoulders, but is biggest from above his eyes to halfway down his ears. After surviving wars, his human body was left mutated, now having raccoon ears and a raccoon tail. However, fights and such left only the bottom of the raccoon ears unharmed, the top of the ears appearing to have been bitten off. Later on, he did also develop inkling-like teeth. He occasionally wore a dark maroon cloak that was a milk chocolate brown on the inside. It was long enough that it sometimes dragged on the ground. Underneath it, he wore a camouflaged tee shirt with "Au 1" sewn near the right sleeve. He also wore black shorts with dark gray stripes with forest green socks. His shoes had white soles and were also white at the very top, the very bottom, near the laces, and on the aglets. The laces, eyelets and brand logos on the shoes are black. The shoe itself is blue, with lighter blue streaks going from near the front to the show towards the back on each side. Darker blue streaks moves from the sides of the shoelace area to the bottom of the shoes. His hands were covered by bandages. Au 1 also had a raccoon mask he wore now and then, mainly in pubic, rarely when alone.

Background Edit

Not much is known about AU 1.