Cipher Information Edit

The Acaplanian Cipher is a cipher used on Acaplana that is related to the Relamish (Realmerarianish) languague. It consists of 26 symbols representing the 26 letters of the English althebet. The symbols all have their own names, and are sometimes simplified to save room or to save time.

Cipher Useage Edit

The ciphers are used by replacing normal letters with their cipher counterparts.

Cipher Background Edit

The ciphers

Cipher Decoding Edit

The ciphers are decoded the same was they are used. However, there are some things about decoding the ciphers that are needed to be known before decoding the ciphers. All of the symbols are like all of the unpercase letters- they are all in unpercase. There is also a lack of puctuation, so there are no commass and aposterphes where there shoukd b. However, depide this, any and all grammar errors should be fixed when decoding.