Kibbi is a Cinuman who appears in Whiplash of Fate (working title) and makes a few cameo appearances in Acaplanian Apocalypse.

Appearance Edit

Kibbi is a Cinuman with messy dark purple hair, dark brown eyes with antlers and wings.

Personality Edit

Kibbi first comes off as sarcastic and indifferent to everything and everyone, with few exceptions. After some time, he is shown to be witty and more reasonable then Linu expected. He is later shown to enjoy eating junk food and being lazy, somewhat contradictory to his enjoyment of archery and other physical activities. When he later goes on a date with Linu's sister, Kay, he is shown to be compassionate, considerate, and rather forgiving, although he refuses to forgive Kiln.

History Edit

Kibbi was a guard for the Cinuman leader, Kiln. However, when Kiln saw Kibbi as incapable of doing this job, despite his skill. Kiln then got rid of him through magical effort, by removing Kibbi's spirit from his body. Kibbi's spirit stayed untouched until Linu accidentally used his powers to transport Kibbi's spirit into Linu's own body. After Linu ran off, Kibbi found Linu to be "surprising weak considering [his] powers" and messed with him, although only in a playful, almost brotherly manner. He eventually

Trivia Edit

  • Kibbi is good at archery
  • Kibbi's name was randomly chosen and has nothing to do with any actually Kibbi in real life
  • Kibbi's last name is Tguoin
  • Kibbi's wings were based on seraph wings in Miitomo
  • Kibbi was originally supposed to be an evil split spirit that wanted to destroy Linu's hometown by trying to possess two twin boys. However, this idea was scrapped.
  • Kibbi and Kay are the only main characters in Whiplash of Fate that don't have magical powers.