General Info Edit

Sero is an Acaplanian under a permanent version of the spell RelamSwitchea. He only speaks Realmerarianish, but he can understand all basic forms of English.

Physical Apperance Edit

He has dark greenish brown hair, with dark brown tips at the ends. It is short in the back, only going halfway down his head. In both front and back, his hair ends in tips. The tip of his nose is a little off color, and his nose is a darker shade than the rest of his face. His eyes are a reflective jet black. Toward the right side of his lips but also about dead center, there are a full and a half stashes. To the far left of his lips, another steak appears. Sero is around the height of AU 1 and like him, Sero is a Red Glory Zero Ultrapro.

 He wears a green tee shirt with a green hashtag one on it. He also wears blueish gray shorts and sky blue socks. His sneakers are dark gray with lighter gray shoelaces and eyelets. Yellow lightning bolts go down on both sides of the shoes. The aglets on the shoelaces are also yellow. Lastly, the bottom of the sides and the sole of the sneakers are light blue. A raindrop pattern exist on the soles as well. 

Background Edit

 Sero's past is mainly unknown.