There are eight types of ultraprojectiles. All come from copy ability and are connected. The eight types are Pro, Anti, Zero, Red-Glory, Infinite, Cryztalbol, Cipho, and Dimentite. Each type has they're own effect being positive, negative, balanced, reflective, indestructible, supernatural, healing, and manifestation, respectively. All eight combined are created from and can recreate Mynzx Ultraprojectiles, which have unlimited power.

History Edit

The Mynzx Ultraprogectile was created though mixing all existent and non existent powers from the past, present and future from all places in the multiverse(s)- existent or not. The was done through those with a copy ability. However- having unlimited, infinite power caused the creators to split the single ultraprojectile into eight. This created the Pro, Anti, Zero, Red-Glory, Cryztalbol, Infinite, Cipho, and Dimenite ultraprojectiles. All can be fused to recreate the Mynzx ultraprojectile.

Attainability Edit

IT is very hard to obtain any of these ultraprojectiles, let alone all eight.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mynzx ultraprojecyile is named after the Mynzx universe due to being created there. It is now the only place to get ultraprojectiles.