So, I had my Villager Amiibo me my valentine for Valentine's Day (I am so alone in the dating field, there's no real guy I'm actually into right now) and I guess it was a bit rude to pretty much ignore his existance all throughout Valentine's Day. So I find a picture through the offical Super Smash Bros facebook page that Villager was dancing with Princess Peach on Valentine's Day (supposedly). Maybe I read the sub-text wring, or maybe this was a way for my Villager Amiibo to regain my attention, or perhaps Villager doesn't think I actually love him on the way I do, or just need a real boyfriend (probably need a real boyfriend), but I really hate Peach now for some reason. Envy? On a quick sidenote, Acaplana Wikia is barron which is why I decided to blog about this.